Jupiter: Well-designed Z-axis

ELEGOO Jupiter's Z-axis is designed after a series of thoughtful consideration and meticulous tests. This Z-axis is equipped with a high-quality ball screw and runs smoothly and quietly, making the entire printing process noiseless (within 60db). The high positioning accuracy of the screw will also help facilitate ultra-high precision printing and prevent print failures to the maximum extent. Furthermore, the ball screw is much durable, eliminating the need for frequent parts replacement and dramatically reducing printing costs.

In addition to the ball screw, the Z-axis features FOUR sliders. As we know, the normal Z-axis covers only two sliders, which are not the best alternative to help keep the Z-axis working solidly during the screw movement. When the screw does not run smoothly and causes the Z-axis to wobble, this will directly affect the activity status of the build plate then have a significant impact on the printing results. Concerning this, we designed four sliders to further ensure the stability of the Z-axis movement on the Jupiter machine, so you don't have to worry about the wobbling and so forth.

And also, don't forget that you can use the expansion kits to customize the height of the Z-axis. By popular demand, we will also be working to explore the Z-axis expansion kit (500mm and other specs), which will be available for sale in the future. And When any updates regarding this, we will inform you timely.

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