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ELEGOO Phecda: ADD-ONS Tools Working Principle

ELEGOO Phecda: ADD-ONS Tools Working Principle

To give you a better understanding of our Air Assist, HoneyComb panel, and Rotary Attachment tools, we've created GIFs that demonstrate how the tools work. We hope this will be helpful for you.

The Air Assist will blow air continuously to the laser head's beam position. This helps to get rid of any debris or smoke produced during the engraving/cutting process. And improves the engraving/cutting effect for your projects. (As shown below)

Regarding the Honeycomb working panel, if you will always do cutting work with the Phecda machine, it's important to take precautions to protect your desk. The ELEGOO HoneyComb working panel is used to be placed under the cutting pieces to prevent any desk damage by the laser head. The Honeycomb panel has a layer of aluminum that helps keep it from being burned through by the laser, which in turn protects the desk below.

It's worth noting that be sure to place an aluminum plate under the object if you frequently use the machine for cutting work in your daily routine. It's not a must tool if you usually do engraving work.

Taking these steps will help ensure that your desk stays in good condition and that you can continue to use your laser cutter safely and efficiently.

When using the Rotary Attachment, the motor inside the Rotary Attachment drives two rubber rollers through a timing belt. The rollers rotate and drive the cylindrical object being engraved. While the object rotates, the machine works and completes the engraving work. (As shown below)

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