Tutorial: Arduino Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


The global Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet and we still need to do more for it. With a few inexpensive electronic components and a few small, uncomplicated ideas, we can make some of our everyday behaviors more "touchless" to reduce the likelihood of virus transmission.

Like today's new project: Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

You can simply wave your hand in front of the sensor as you access the sanitizer with another hand. The hand sanitizer is then automatically squeezed out. This solution reduces the risk of communal equipment being touched repeatedly by different people then spreading the viruses. Let's stay home, stay creative. 


Featured product:

ELEGOO Arduino Nano V3.0+ 

ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Super Starter Kit 

Wiring diagram:


You can learn how to make this Arduino based gadget step-by-step in the video below:


Download code and schematic of this project here: https://bit.ly/3ar2uji 

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