Apply Free FEP for Your Mars/Saturn Order

If you are trying to claim your FREE FEP for the ELEGOO 3d printers you purchased (Mars series /Saturn), please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to our Facebook page and click the LIKE button as the picture shown

Step 2: Send us an message via Facebook Messenger, click the frequently asked questions abou the FEP, then you will receive a link to claim the free gift.

Step 3: Submit your order number and your shipping info via the link, once our staff checked your information, we will arrange for your shipment as soon as possible.


  • Please be sure to enter the right information, otherwise we are not able to send you the package successfully.

  • One unit of printers can only apply once.

  • This promotion is only available for orders from our official channels which are, Amazon, AliExpress & MyMiniFactory. If you purchased the printer secondhand or from an unofficial 3rd party seller, we are not able to send you the gift.

  • If the gifts incurred tariffs or other expences during shipping (chances are very small), we will not be responsible for the payment.

  • Due to the coronavirus situation, there might be some delay during shipping comepares to usual times.

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