No Response When Booting The Printer

Step 1: Check if the indicator light of the power adapter is on. If so, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Disassemble the shells of the machine and check whether the power socket is loose. If so, reconnect the socket. If not, go to

Step 3: When the power is on, check if the bottom fan will turn on, then take some pictures of the motherboard (as shown in the attached picture below that can clearly show the motherboard indicator lights. Due to product iterations, the motherboard may look different for different generations of printers. However, the indicators are all red on the board.).

Send the answer and the pictures to, our support team will offer some further advice.


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  • Tim Lattie

    I recently purchased a Neptune 2 off of amazon. After setting up and plugging in it has no response. Doesn’t seem to have power whatsoever.

  • Umberto Zanotti

    Hi Guys ,
    I need some serious help here. My elegoo mars pro is shutting down every 5 / 10 seconds in standby mode , and what is strange is that the blue light on the charger, usually , when disconnected from the socket it stays turned on . In this case when the 3D printer shut down, it immediately turns off. like there is no power. I checked already if the socket is working with other kind of household appliance and lights, and it works fine.
    I’ve had this 3D printer far less than a year, and It worked just fine tll now, I cannot explain why this is happenng. can you help me?

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