Mars Pro: General Problem Solving Video Playlist

As #ELEGOOMarsPro resumes supply globally, we are also gradually completing the support playlist for this printer on our YouTube channel (🔺@Elegoo Official).

Now you can check the general problem solving videos by this link:🔹

We will continuously create more useful content, provide dedicated services, and keep you updated with our new releases there, please SUBSCRIBE and stay tuned! 😉

Get the printer here:👉

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  • Gabriel

    Dear elgoo,I have recently purchased your elgoo Mars pro I have followed your instructions to the letter when I push print and load file the build plate just goes down into the resin and doesn’t move after that. Would you maybe have a clue as to what is going on? Thank you

  • Emily MEBUST

    Hi, I bought my Elegoo mars PRO in july and absolutely love it. I print every day, sometimes all day. I’m making sure my thinking is correct before I go out and buy any replacement parts. Suddenly my prints all failed and look like small mountain ranges on the plate. I did a test without the vat and plate, printing a file and I could see gaps of lines when looking down into the lcd. I wasnt sure if it was just the lcd screen that needed replacing, or the actual lights or something else. I tried printing small things and big things and no matter what, the mountain shaped things on the plate used a lot of resin. So I was thinking maybe the gaps in the screen, were letting too much light in and harding the resin? Or I thought, maybe the lights werent going off in between layers? When I do a test running the exposure on tools, the light ( the purple rectangle) doesnt shut off. I cant remember but I thought it did because I remember putting tape on screen edges when I first got it to help the leveling etc. Anyway, please let me know what to do. Thanks

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