ELEGOO SATURN Amazon Shipping Updates

Shipping Updates

We know you are on the tiptoe of expectation for Saturn's coming. 
We have recently sent out 200 Saturn machines to Amazon US, 100 to Amazon DE, and 100 units to Amazon FR. 🔥😁 All the packages are still in transit for the time being. Sorry to say that we are unable to specify a release time currently because of the global COVID-19 and the fact that both UPS and Amazon take longer to sign for parcels than before. You can closely follow the progress of the logistics according to the tracking numbers we included below.

(PS: It is not necessarily that Saturn will be available on Amazon immediately after the packages have been successfully delivered, as Amazon's warehouse storage has reached its limit and the release time for all products is slower than ever before. )

Also we are currently working on shipping more units to Amazon UK, ES, AU, CA, JP, and IT stores! Thank you all for your close attention to the Saturn printers!

Official Retail Price of Saturn:

      (Please note that the Retail Prices may change slightly after the product launch. )


      • The parcel to France: 1Z97V50E6832139089

      • The parcel to Germany: 1Z97V50E6834385327

      • Parcels to the United States:

        • 1Z8W221Y0326119307

        • 1Z8W221Y0301494421

        • 1Z8W221Y0306574068

      Follow the logistics here: https://bit.ly/2IuYea

      Learn more about ELEGOO Saturn:

      13 Kommentare

      • Frank

        Is the Saturn still being produced? I am trying to purchase on from Banggood to avoid the scalper prices but I don’t have any idea when/if they will be restocked. There seems to be no end to the demand for this printer so it would make sense financially for Elegoo to keep producing the unit. Any updates on production?

      • Michael Forry

        I am trying to find information about when the Saturn will be back at Amazon too! Is it being discontinued for these new models coming out?

      • Daniel Pérez

        Hola buenos días,
        Necesitaría encontrar la pantalla para la elegoo Mars 2 Pro.
        Alguien me podría ayudar?

      • Kieran

        Any release dates for Europe yet? Waiting to buy.

      • William Hill

        I have been a customer of Elegoo for the last 2 years. I own 2 Mars units and I have been wanting to upgrade to the Saturn so I can produce prints at a faster volume, and run my small business better. Unfortunately scalped prices and poor communication with Elegoo has made that impossible. I would love to keep using this brand, but it is literally impossible without me paying scalper pricing. Good luck Elegoo, I loved you.

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