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ELEGOO 2024 New Year Giveaway 馃コ

ELEGOO 2024 New Year Giveaway 馃コ

In Chinese culture, each year corresponds to an animal sign. In 2024, it's the Year of the Dragon! 馃悏We have included the birth years and corresponding animal sign below, what's your zodiac sign based on your birth year?

Simply drop a comment with your zodiac sign by finding it, and you will get a chance to win a roll of ELEGOO PLA! 馃コ

[PS: This giveaway is launched concurrently on the platforms: ELEGOO Official Facebook Groups, Discord, Reddit, and TikTok. Duration: 7 days]


1. Facebook group: click here
2. Reddit: click here
3. Discord:聽Join ELEGOO
4. TikTok: click here

UPDATE - Winner List Announce

Thank you, guys, for participating in our New Year Giveaway, hope you've had fun during this process! Let's congratulate the winners!

For those who don't win a prize, don't be discouraged, we have more opportunities to win in 2024. Good luck! 馃挭


We have also included the auspicious fortunes associated with each zodiac sign. May everyone have good luck in the coming year! 馃崁If you want to print your animal sign, check the model files below:

Rat: Career

Ox: Progress

Tiger: Growth

Rabbit: Health

Dragon: Creativity

Snake: Change

Horse: Adventure

Goat: Harmony

Monkey: Success

Rooster: Advancement

Dog: Love

Pig: Wealth

(The Chinese zodiac, also known as the animal signs or zodiac signs, consists of twelve animals that are matched with the twelve Earthly Branches according to a person's birth year. The animals include Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. 馃悁馃悅馃悈馃悋馃悏馃悕馃悗馃悜馃悞馃悡馃悤馃悥)

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