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ELEGOO 2024 Valentine's Day Giveaway

ELEGOO 2024 Valentine's Day Giveaway

💕Valentine's Day is around the corner! We've prepared a gift for you, no, a giveaway event! Have you ever imagined if your printer were your partner, what would he/she say to you on Valentine's Day?

For example:


🏆 Grand Prize*1: Mars 4 Ultra 3d printer*1 or Neptune 4 Pro 3d printer*1
🎁 Participation Prize*10: A roll of PLA or a bottle of resin

Join now! The deadline for the event is February 19th.


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4. Reddit: click here 
5. Discord: click here 
6. TikTok: click here 

UPDATE - February 20th Winner List Announce

Congratulations to the winners of the #PrinterWhispers Valentine's Day event! A big thank you to everyone who participated in the event! Your enthusiasm made it a success! 💕

Some say their 3d printers may express gratitude for the time spent working together and will continue to strive harder! Some printers said they deserve a break after tirelessly working for 24 hours straight - they're feeling a bit worn out! 😅💤 Here we want to remind you to regularly clean and maintain your 3d printers - they need care too!

We hope all your printers work smoothly and keep printing stunning models. Happy printing!

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