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The Most Exciting 3D Printing Startups of The Year

The Most Exciting 3D Printing Startups of The Year

The 3D printing market is experiencing a vibrant surge of innovation and growth, driven by a host of emerging startups and established industry leaders. This dynamic sector is not just evolving; it's revolutionizing how businesses approach manufacturing, prototyping, and even small-scale production.

Today's market is characterized by a proliferation of innovative 3D printing startups, each introducing groundbreaking technologies that promise to redefine existing business models and production strategies.

As we look across the landscape, top 3D printing companies are increasingly focusing on eco-friendly solutions and bioprinting technologies, responding to global demands for sustainable practices and advanced medical applications.

Meanwhile, the rise of affordable and efficient models has opened the door to best budget resin 3D printers, making high-quality 3D printing more accessible than ever.

Here’s a list of some fascinating 3D Printing Startups.


Location: Shanghai, China
Founded: 2012
Funding: $13.9M
Focus: Specializes in 3D printing materials, offering products ranging from filaments to resins, additives, and coatings designed to enhance the performance and aesthetics of 3D printed objects. They prioritize sustainability and have initiatives to minimize waste.


Location: Budapest, Hungary
Founded: 2015
Funding: $21.8M
Focus: Provides 3D modeling software for iPad Pro, featuring an intuitive touch interface and capabilities such as real-time rendering and CAD format exports, making it favored by designers, engineers, and architects.



Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Founded: 2012
Funding: $12.1M
Focus: Runs a 3D model marketplace with over 1.5 million models for industries like gaming, film, and architecture, facilitating the buying and selling of 3D digital assets.


Multiply Labs

Location: San Francisco, CA
Founded: 2016
Funding: $22.7M
Focus: Integrates pharmaceuticals and robotics to create 3D printed personalized capsules that release different products at various times, catering to individual medication needs.


Additive Industries

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Founded: 2012
Funding: $25.8M
Focus: Provides metal additive manufacturing solutions, offering 3D metal printers and services primarily to aerospace, automotive, energy, and high-tech industries.


Branch Technology

Location: Chattanooga, TN
Founded: 2014
Funding: $19.8M
Focus: Develops large-scale, custom architectural elements using a proprietary 3D printing process called Cellular Fabrication, which allows for innovative, structurally sound designs for on-site assembly.


In Summary

Investment opportunities abound as these startups not only capture the imagination of investors but also demonstrate substantial market growth potential. The future of 3D printing seems poised for expansive development, with startup trends indicating a strong push towards custom 3D printing services and further innovations in printer technology.

For anyone keen on technology or business, the 3D printing market offers a fascinating glimpse into the future of manufacturing, marked by rapid advancements and an ever-growing array of applications.

This is a space where creative solutions meet tangible business opportunities, setting the stage for a thrilling journey into the next horizon of technological evolution.

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