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New Release - ELEGOO Jupiter 12.8'' 6K Mono LCD 3D Printer

New Release - ELEGOO Jupiter 12.8'' 6K Mono LCD 3D Printer

Hello to all,
Thank you to everyone for joining ELEGOO as we have grown over the years. We have grown from nothing and developed a community of makers nearly 100,000 strong. You come from more than 30 Countries around the world. It is YOU who have made this possible! So that we can continue to help you to create the future.
Remember the name guessing campaign before ELEGOO's new machines launched in May 2021? We have noticed that many of you are still looking forward to Jupiter. Now, Jupiter is here! Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the Elegoo Jupiter.👏 The Jupiter is a 🔸12.8" super-sized 6K LCD 3D printer, with 277.848*156.06*300mm build volume.🔸 Its 5448 x 3064 HD monochrome panel enables it to achieve a pixel pitch of 51 um, which will perfectly meet your expectations for a super-sized LCD 3d printer.
We can't wait to share it with the Kickstarter community and hope to incubate it to a successful launch with your help. In this crowdfunding, we are offering unprecedented discounted prices (✅VAT tax included, shipping not included):
🔥Early bird (original price $1300): 600 USD, includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*1
🔥Kickstarter Special ①(original price $1300): 740 USD, includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*1
🔥Kickstarter Special Package(original price $1400): 798 USD, package includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*1, Resin Tank*1
🔥Kickstarter Special Package+ (original price $1500, optional machine color: black or white): 850 USD, package includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*1, Resin Tank*1, FEP 2.0*5, Air Purifier*5
🔥Kickstarter Special ②(original price $2600): 1400 USD, includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*2


ELEGOO JUPITER: 12.8'' 6K 3D Printer Launching on Sep,11th at 2:00 PM (UTC)        

Check the Kickstarter campaign link:

The premise of product release is the guarantee of quality control and the assurance of product demand. With our commitment to our customers and our strict self-regulation, we will strictly control the quality of our products and follow all inspection processes before the machines are shipped out in small or large quantities, and will also strive to keep the production line running smoothly and efficiently to speed up production in general.❤

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