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Saturn 4 Series: Frequently Asked Questions

Saturn 4 Series: Frequently Asked Questions

About Release Film

1. What type of release film does Saturn 4 Ultra use?
  • PFA film. It's the same as the Saturn 2, Saturn 3, Saturn 4 release films.
2. Can I purchase ACF film for S3U and install it on S4U? Are they compatible with each other?
  • Yes, it's compatible. However, it is not recommended to use ACF film on this machine. The S4U printer utilizes a new tilt-release technology that enables fast printing without the need for ACF. Moreover, it delivers excellent print quality. Addition, ACF film is not helpful for tilt release, only the pull-up type of release will help. Therefore, we recommend using PFA film instead.

About AI Camera

3. What are the functions of the AI camera?

  • Real-Time Monitoring; Empty Build Plate Detection; Time-Lapse Photography; Warp Detection.
4. How to use the AI camera and what slicer supports it?
  • You can use this function in CHITUBOX 2.0. Lychee slicer may support this function soon.
5. Can the camera be integrated into the home automation system? Is the RTSP URL available or not?
  • Yes, you can, and the RTSP URL may be available. The R&D department has the plan to open-source the protocol for the camera network.
6. Why there isn’t an internal light for the camera?
  • Due to the absence of built-in lighting in the camera, the image may appear slightly blurry in low light conditions such as during nighttime or when the room lights are off. This design was made to avoid potential interference caused by additional lighting during the printing process, as well as to mitigate the impact of resin reflections on the camera's AI detection capabilities. Therefore, an internal lighting feature was not included. In addition, we do not recommend adding lighting to the machine on your own.
7. What are the specifications of the camera?
  • 2 million pixels; 30fps;
  • Field of view (FOV): DHV 99°, 90°, 58°;
  • Time-lapse photography resolution: 720P
  • Dimension: 40*40*28mm
8. Can the real-time monitoring video be played back?
  • No, it can only be viewed online in real-time. If necessary, time-lapse photography can be viewed.
9. What does the REC in the upper right corner of the touch screen mean?
  • It means that the camera is connected and can be viewed in real-time, but it does not indicate that time-lapse photography is enabled. To enable or disable it, you need to set in the Chitu Manager.
10. Some questions about time-lapse photography:

① Time-lapse photography is off by default. You can enable it in the Chitu Manager if needed.
② Timelapse photography doesn't work for models below 50mm in height.
③ For models above 50mm in height, the time-lapse sequence starts at 30mm.
④ Each shot captures 10 layers.
⑤ You don't need an internet connection for the shooting process, but you need one to export the video. You can only download it from the Chitu Box, not directly from the mainboard.

11. During the printing process, do I need to have the real-time monitoring screen open in order to capture time-lapse photos? Will closing the Chitu Box software or shutting down the computer affect the time-lapse shooting?

  • No, it's not necessary to keep them open, and closing the Chitu Box software or shutting down the computer will not affect the time-lapse shooting.
12. How to download the time-lapse footage?
  • In Chitu Manager, you can access the time-lapse footage from the history records. If there are any captured videos, they will be shown in the bottom right corner. Simply click on them to download. The videos are in MP4 format and have a resolution of 720p.
13. If there is a power loss during the time-lapse photography, can the video be able to seamlessly continue from where it left off?
  • No. But our R&D will work on this and optimize it in the future.
14. The printer is not connected to Wi-Fi and is printing from a USB stick, can I download this time-lapse after printing?
  • It is also possible to download as long as you have previously turned on time-lapse photography.
15. How many videos can be saved in time-lapse?
  • The maximum number of time-lapse footage files that can be stored is 20. Once the storage is full, the files will be replaced one by one as new footage is captured.