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Press Review

The Saturn 2 looks fantastic, with graceful curves that give rigidity to its bucket-style lid. That’s an absurd level of detail to have across a larger build volume like this.

Neptune 3 Pro is by far one of our favorite printers and one we can easily recommend as one of the best 3D printers for both beginner and veteran makers.

The Mars 3’s specs are a little bit better than its main competitor, the Mono 4K, in almost every meaningful category, especially its build volume.

We have tested countless resin 3D printers over the years, yet we were still surprised at the print quality on the Saturn 2. The Elegoo Saturn 2 is the best mid-sized resin 3D printer you can buy right now.

If you want high-detail prints with little effort and without breaking the bank, the Mars 3 should be on top of your list.

The Elegoo Saturn 2 produces stunning quality prints and is well worth the price. This is a very polished machine that produces prints of phenomenal quality.

The ELEGOO Mars 3 is a very good printer that is perfect for someone looking to get into the resin world.

Ultimately, the ELEGOO is a near-perfect initiation for anyone looking to try their hand at resin printing.

The ELEGOO is a stunning resin 3D printer, it represents an excellent entry point into ultra-high detail 3D printing.

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