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ELEGOO Saturn 2 Resin 3D Printer with 10'' 8K Mono LCD
Regular price $600.00 Sale pricefrom $514.99
ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro Resin 3D Printer with 2K Mono LCD
Regular price $250.00 Sale pricefrom $145.00
ELEGOO Water Washable Rapid Resin LCD UV-Curing Resin for 3D Printers
from $18.99
ELEGOO Mercury XS Bundle Washing and Curing Station
Regular price $250.00 Sale pricefrom $199.00

Press Review

We have tested countless resin 3D printers over the years, yet we were still surprised at the print quality on the Saturn 2. The Elegoo Saturn 2 is the best mid-sized resin 3D printer you can buy right now.


The Saturn 2 is one of the best resin 3D printers I have used. The entire machine feels well constructed and it offers print quality unmatched by anything I've tested in recent memory.


ELEGOO printers are definite price/performance/value champions compared to nearly every other 3D printer I've looked at.


The Mars 3’s specs are a little bit better than its main competitor, the Mono 4K, in almost every meaningful category, especially its build volume.


If you want high-detail prints with little effort and without breaking the bank, the Mars 3 should be on top of your list.


The Elegoo Saturn 2 produces stunning quality prints and is well worth the price. This is a very polished machine that produces prints of phenomenal quality.


The ELEGOO Mars 3 is a very good printer that is perfect for someone looking to get into the resin world.


Ultimately, the ELEGOO is a near-perfect initiation for anyone looking to try their hand at resin printing.


The ELEGOO is a stunning resin 3D printer, it represents an excellent entry point into ultra-high detail 3D printing.