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ELEGOO 5PCs FEP2.0 Release Liner Film for Saturn 3D Printer Accessories elegoo-shop
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  Main Features:

  • Compatible with ELEGOOSaturn and Saturn S 3D printers and other 8.9-inch LCD 3D printers
  • With length and width of 260*185mm and thickness of 0.127mm (Note: Please remove the double-sided protective film before use.)
  • Made of pure raw materials from the US and the release performance is twice better than FEP1.0
  • The longevity is 50% longer than the regular version of release film and the frequency of releases can be up to 9000 times.
  • Thicker packaging with foam inside ensures that the Release Liner Film V2.0 is wll protected fro many kind damage sand avoid warps.

Works better with LCD 3D Printers 

The new upgraded version of ELEGOO release liner V2.0 is made of US raw materials. Compared with regualr FEP, the release performace is greatly enhanced, and its life span is improved by 50%. When using release liner V2.0 for 3D printing, you will get better the curing effect of the model, higher printing accuracy and consistent successful output. It is suitable for the most models of ELEGOO, such as Saturn series 3D printe and many other 8.9-inch LCD 3D printers.

Finish Kit Includes:

5 x FEP2.0 Film 260 * 185mm

The release force capacity is doubled

The release force of Fep 2.0 is double that of fep1.0.

The model printed using fep 2.0 has a success rate of over 95% on Mars 3 while on Mars 2 Pro, the success rate is about 50%. The deformation rate is greatly reduced.

Lifespan increased by 50%

Fep 2.0 has a longer service life and can print more models.

FEP1.0 releases more than 6w times, fep2.0 releases more than 9w times.

Larger creative space

Fep2.0 breaks through the original printing limitations, even large-size models can ensure high-quality printing, improve the accuracy of detailed printing, and meet creative needs.

Pure imported raw materials

It is made of raw materials imported from the United States, and the products are strictly screened, with black dots and highlights to ensure product quality and improve printing accuracy.

Simple and unique packaging

The unique clamshell packaging design makes it more convenient to use and store.

Thicker packaging materials protect the product in all directions and ensure the perfect condition of the product.

Wide range of applications

Compatible with ELEGOO Saturn series 3D printers and other 8.9-inch LCD 3D printers.

  • Light Transmittance: 95%
  • Size: 260 * 185mm
  • Thickness: 0.127mm
  • Heat Resistance: -240°C to 205°C

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