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Review of the Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra: A Breakthrough in Resin 3D Printing

Review of the Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra: A Breakthrough in Resin 3D Printing

Welcome back to the channel, everyone! Today, the spotlight is on a significant newcomer in the resin 3D printer arena—the Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra.

Renowned for its superior printing quality and swift print speeds, this printer is ideal for enthusiasts of both miniature models and large-scale creations. Let’s delve into what makes this printer a game-changer in the field of 3D printing.

Unparalleled Specifications

The Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra impresses with a build volume of 218mm x 122mm x 220mm. It boasts a print speed of 150 millimeters per hour while achieving a remarkable z-axis accuracy of 0.02mm. With an incredible resolution of 11520 x 5120, the printer ensures that each print is rendered with exquisite detail.

Seamless Out-of-the-Box Experience

A standout feature of the Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra is its user-centric design. From the initial setup, the printer performs flawlessly, delivering high-quality prints without the need for complex adjustments—a true plug-and-play solution that consistently produces excellent results.

Advanced Features

Equipped with Chitubox software, the Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra facilitates an enhanced printing experience, even with its basic version. The printer's distinguishing characteristics include:

Wi-Fi Capabilities and AI Camera for 3D Printer: The integrated AI camera supports real-time monitoring, allowing users to observe and record the printing process, an upgrade not commonly found in other resin printers.

Convenient Hinged Base Hood: The hood’s design is not only user-friendly but also helps maintain cleanliness by avoiding resin contact, a significant improvement over traditional designs.

Exemplary Printing Performance

In testing, the printer adeptly handled various models—the intricacies of a rook, a dragon, and a Predator bust were all flawlessly executed. The precision of the layered printing and the clarity of details, such as the internal staircase in the rook and the dreadlocks on the Predator bust, were particularly impressive.

Suggestions for Enhancement

Despite the high printing quality and innovative features, there is room for enhancement, such as integrating an onboard carbon filter to effectively manage the odors associated with certain resins.

Maintenance and Usability

The design and functionality of the Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra also excel in maintenance ease. Features such as the straightforward removal and cleaning of the build plate and the accessible menu make routine upkeep and settings adjustments effortless.


Overall, the Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra establishes itself as a top contender in the realm of resin 3D printers, appealing to both novices and seasoned practitioners with its high-speed, detailed printing capabilities, and user-friendly features.

For anyone considering a resin 3D printer that encapsulates quality, efficiency, and ease of use, the Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra is undoubtedly a must-consider. Explore its potential and experience firsthand the transformative impact it can have on your 3D printing projects!

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Happy printing, everyone!

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