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Some Updating Notes Addressing the Humanized Design of ELEGOO Jupiter

Some Updating Notes Addressing the Humanized Design of ELEGOO Jupiter

We feel very touched by the warm suggestions from the 3d printing community on the Jupiter printer since the Kickstarter launch. We are here expressing how grateful we are towards you guys. Based on in-depth consideration of your suggestions, our R&D team has made the following improvements to the Jupiter humanized design.

The machine has been configured with copper tube heat sinks, which are more efficient compared to ordinary heat sinks. The temperature of the machine cover is lower when working, so you don't have to worry about safety hazards. And the long lifespan of this heat sink will get you out of the trouble of frequent replacement.

We have redesigned LED lights for the Jupiter interior. The lights ensure that the printer inside is evenly illuminated: You can see the model printing status without opening the door (It's a pain to smell the resin odor when checking the print status). The warm LED lights can help protect your eyes, and most significantly, this light design will not cure the prints.

Many commercially available resin 3d printers are very noisy when working, while the Jupiter machine works much silently(as low as 50 decibels). The door of Jupiter has excellent sound insulation, this means you can hardly hear anything when closing the door even if the purifier works a little loudly.

The USB interface position has been put on the side front of the Jupiter body. This adjustment is based on a couple of considerations: the interface is placed in front will easily cause USB damage, such as a human accidental bump, resin leak damage, etc. Should the interface is placed on the side, it's less convenient for daily operation. When it is on the side front, you can simply replace the interface and don't have to go to great lengths to disassemble the motherboard if it fails.

Aside from that, we redesigned a larger handle for the build plate, which makes it easier to take the build plate out. Also, a silicone gasket has been added to the bottom of the resin tank to ensure that the resin does not leak around.

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