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ELEGOO MARS PRO: How to replace the UV light panel

ELEGOO MARS PRO: How to replace the UV light panel

Tools you need: 2.0mm Hex Wrench, 2.5mm Hex Wrench, Phillips Screwdriver, Slotted Screwdriver, Thermal Paste, Marker Pen, New Light Panel


1) Unlock the screws with the Hex Wrench and take off the back and front shell of the printer. 

Pay attention to the cable of the touch screen when removing the front shell.

2) Loosen the cable lock and gently unplug the cable that connects the motherboars and the touch screen for the convenience of later operations.

3) Mark the cable ports with "1, 2, 3" as the picture showing in case of misconnection later. And unplug the ports annotated by the red.

4) Remove the two screws of the Constant Current Board. And unplug the motor cable.

5) Unscrew the screws of the Upper Shell.

6) Remove the four screws that fix the Heat Sink, and be careful to hold the plate by hand to prevent it from falling and damaging other parts. 

Caution: Do not touch the lens surface with your hands in the subsequent operations, and do not scratch the lens surface with sharp objects, If the lens surface is dusty, wipe it with a clean and dry dust-free cloth. Never use corrosive agents such as alcohol or IPA to wipe the lens.

7) Take off the hood. Then remove the four screws of the lamp holder then remove the screws and remove the damaged light panel.

8) Use the Slotted Screwdriver to remove the green module.

9) Take out your new light panel, and install the green module on the new light panel.

Note that the installation direction must be consistent with the operation in the picture, otherwise the part will be damaged.

10) Add appropriate amount of thermal paste on the back of the new light panel.

11) Reinstall the light panel and lock the screws.

Note that the direction of the light panel cable must be consistent with the fan cable.After the installation is complete, wipe off the excess thermal paste.

    12) Reinstall the lamp holder and lock the screws. Then reinstall the hood.

    The side with the slot should be consistent with the direction where the light panel cable is in.

    13) Reinstall the Heat Sink and lock the screws.

    You need to add extra small masts to the two screws circled on the picture.

      14) Move the wire of the limit switch to the front of the printer, reinstall the motherboard and lock the screws.

      15) Reconnect the cables as before.

      16) Reinstall the front and back shell of the printer then lock the screws.


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