ELEGOO Saturn 3D Printer Support Files

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USB Drive Files (Manual & Slicing Software included)

Firmware Updating Guide: Click to view

Latest Firmware (Blog Updated Date: 8/18/2021)

PJ L Screen: Click to download: V4.4.3-Z1_LCDZ/3840X2400/F14.24

PJ V5 Screen: Click to download: V4.4.3-Z1_LCDZ/3840X2400/F15.26

TM Screen: Click to download:V4.4.3-Z1_LCDZ/3840X2400/F2.18

Update log: ①Hanging printing: Mainly fixed the problem of [when Z is set to zero and the offset is positive, the platform will not return to zero when the model is printed, and it will be printed directly in the air].② Delay of turning off the lights on the first layer: Mainly fixes the problem of [the parameter value of "light off delay at bottom layer" is set in the model slice, and the first layer takes effect when printing]. ③ Compatible with Chitubox Pro and Chitubox 1.9.0

How to update:

①Usually, you only need to update the files in the firmware file and copy the files to the root directory of the disk

②Insert the U disk into the printer

③Restart the machine, the update file .LCD will be updated automatically, after the successful update there will be a beeping sound and restart the machine

④Print the file .CBD to be updated on the printer

Caution: The.LCD file will be automatically updated after restarting the machine in the shutdown state. Please do not update repeatedly to avoid being prompted "Same Firmware already exists!"

Firmware you need to update after replacing the LCD

How to replace the LCD: https://youtu.be/NJhucYuSjjk

Note: If you mistakenly updated this firmware, please contact our support team via 3dp@elegoo.com with the batch number labeled at the bottom of the printer.

CE Certification

Machine Parameters: Click to Download

Manual Book: Click to Download(English Version)  、Click to Download(Japanese Version)

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