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ELEGOO PHECDA: Features and Specifications & LIVE STREAM

ELEGOO PHECDA: Features and Specifications & LIVE STREAM

Large Working Area

ELEGOO PHECDA is a large-sized laser engraver & cutter designed for all your needs(10W & 20W laser power available for just 🔥$239.99 & $399.99🔥). With the enormous engraving area of 400*400mm, it can easily handle large-size jobs like skateboard engraving.


PHECDA's workspace is larger than many other models in its class, and makes it possible to engrave much bigger objects without sacrificing precision. In regards to the material, it can not only work with metal, wood, ceramic, paper, stone, bamboo and tile, but also with a wide range of materials such as acrylic(opaque) and leather.

Whether you are a creator, DIY enthusiast, hobbyist, artist, or industrial designer, this large-size machine allows you to use your favorite workpiece as input material and build your own artwork! The PHECDA will give you the freedom and creative space needed to bring your project to life.


Smoke Filtering Exhaust

The ELEGOO Phecda laser engraver machine comes with a smoke filtering exhaust to help eliminate dust and smoke generated that might otherwise make work with a laser engraving machine challenging.

Another advantage of our filtration system is its ease of use. Its filter cartridge is designed with a detachable lid, so you can easily remove the lid and replace the cartridge without taking any extra steps. This streamlined process ensures that your experience using our machine is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

All of these combine to make the Phecda Laser Engraving Machine with smoke filtration an ideal choice for workshops and DIY enthusiasts, providing a safe and comfortable working environment for your projects.


Double Laser Head Fans

When laser engraving, because of the high heat generated by the laser head and the engraving materials, traditional vertical rail laser engravers will have the problem of difficult heat dissipation. This will affect the laser head stability during the working process.

Our engineers rethought the heat dissipation issue existing in the traditional vertical rail laser engraver and redesigned an exclusive laser head with highly efficient cooling fans. The laser head of ELEGOO Phecda is designed with a left-right fan combination, which can significantly improve the heat dissipation effect in the engraving process and thus prolong the service life for the laser head parts.

In addition, this fan design not only can effectively dissipate heat from the laser head, to increase the lifespan but also can conveniently guide the smoke and dust generated through the fan into the filter above the Z-axis in a straightforward way. We always prioritize our customer's safety, so this is our method to help guide the smoke for filtering efficiently.

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🔥 Uncle Jessy will have a live stream on YouTube on the day of ELEGOO Phecda's launch (April 8)

During the live, many prizes will be given away, worth up to $5, 000! He will show you the first unboxing and user experience, don't forget to closely follow his Youtube channel at 1pm on April 8th(UTC)! 

✅ Uncle Jessy:

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