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10 3D Printable Add-ons for Your ELEGOO Mars Series Printer That Can Make It Easy

10 3D Printable Add-ons for Your ELEGOO Mars Series Printer That Can Make It Easy

Ever since the release of the original Mars in 2018, the Mars series 3D printers have reaped the benefits of countless customers' love. We are really happy to learn from the feedback of many of our customers that our printer plays its part in their lives, whether it's just for a spare-time hobby, a money-making business, or a professional day-to-day job. While enjoying the fun and convenience of the Mars series printers, a lot of our amazing customers have even designed and shared many 3D printable add-ons to make the printing experience easier for people with different needs.

Today we have selected ten of these designs that are the most practical and have a wider range of needs to share with you. If you still have some small troubles during your daily printing, you may want to take a look at this article, it may be helpful to you solve some insignificant but worth-improving problems.

Handle for The Cover

Due to aesthetic consideration of the product, we did not add handles to the cover of our Mars series 3D printers. Although the cover is light and can be lifted easily, there will still be some people who want to remove the cover in a more relaxed way.

If you don't mind changing the look of the hood, this handle designed by @phesketh01 can help you optimize that small problem. It has a hole in the bottom for a 4mm screw, or it can be affixed with 3M VHB tape if you don't feel like to drill the cover. This handle makes it easy to remove the cover with only one hand and will let you leave no handprints when holding it.

Download link:
There are also other designs that apply to different positions like side handle or is with a fancy appearance like the D20 handle.

Download link: 

Resin Vat Protector

If you have several spare resin vats, you may have to switch them around frequently and place them directly on the table. This may inevitably scrape the bottom of the FEP, causing varying degrees of damage to it and reducing its lifespan. But with this Resin Vat Bottom Cover from @IOI671701, you don't have to worry about it. It is with an inner lip so that the FEP would not be touching the bottom when you place the vat on it.

Download link:

Resin Level Indicator

This tool designed by @eytec may be helpful if you want to pour exactly the right amount of resin for the different models to be printed. After printing it from the same printer, you can mount this gadget in the corner of the metal vat. The scale for each level is 2.5mm high, which corresponds to 33ml of resin. Since during printing the plate and the print object are raised and lowered, it's hard to expect exact values therefore this tool is only intended for a rough assessment.

Download link:

ELEGOO Mars Drawer Base

With some subtle design in our daily life, we can often gain some extra storage space to keep everything in order. Like this drawer base designed by @Random197, you can store spare vats or other tools without taking up more space. Simply pull the drawer under the printer for easy access. The base directs the exhaust vent out the rear. You can also apply rubber feet to the bottom to prevent it from sliding around.

Download link:

ELEGOO Mars Tool Organizer

Another organization tool. Designed by @joe9216, it can keep most of your frequently used tools like the scrapers and wrenches well organized and also very convenient to grab. It attaches to the side of the machine utilizing 2 m3x8 bolts into the holes already in the body of the machine so no worries of damaging the metal surface.

Download link:

Funnel And Bottle Base for ELEGOO Resin

Most of the time, there will be excess resin left in the vat when a print is done. In the case you don't plan to start another print right away, what do you usually do with the excess resin? To avoid waste, I think most people would choose to filter it and pour it back into the bottle. This process can get messy if you don't master the proper tool or technique. (It's a different story if you have several spare vats.).

@antcam designed this set that can swipe away the inconvenience. The funnel can screw directly into our resin bottle with no extra supports. There is an air-breathing channel added to it to avoid bubbles. And the extended bottle base will keep the bottle steady even when you place the vat on it until the last drop of resin falls back.

Download link:

Vat Lid with Seal

As we mentioned above, you can pour the excess resin back to the bottle after printing finishes, or you can leave it in the vat when there is something that can shield out the sunlight and dust. The vat lid is designed for this kind of situation.

There are different designs for different scenarios. If the vat is still mounted on the printer you can go with this model by @papstFish.

Download link:

If it's off the printer this model by @imagnome can meet your needs.

Download link:

Of course, if you choose to buy our spare vat directly, you will find that we have already equipped each of them with a lid.

Resin Drip Protector for ELEGOO Mars

When a print has just been completed, the build plate and the model can still be very wet with uncured resin. Some might choose to tilt it with the drip hanger or some might choose to transfer it to the cleaning station. Either way in this series of actions to remove the built plate, it's possible that 1 or 2 or several drops may beat down to the edge of the vat, the housing of the printer, or even the touchscreen.

The Resin Drip Protector by @eytec can effectively prevent this from happening. It's very easy to use as you can simply push it in along the edges of the vat.

Download link:

ELEGOO Mars/Mars Pro FEP Tool

Although replacing FEP is a daily operation that everyone familiar with, it may still require some experience for the noobs to accurately grasp the tightness of the FEP. This FEP tool designed by @PhoenixBlueStudios is to help tension FEP film properly while holding both halves of the FEP frame in place. Because the bump at the bottom is at a tested and preset height, you will be able to get suitable and consistent results.

Download link:

ELEGOO MARS Platform Stand for Ultrasonic Cleaner

Last year we launched a one-stop product for post-processing of resin printing called ELEGOO Mercury Plus Wash & Cure Machine. One of the functions is that this machine allows one to wash the model with it attached to the build plate. But for those who own only the ultrasonic cleaner, there are still some ways to modify it. This stand designed by @giufini allows you to mount the build platform of an ELEGOO MARS 3D Printer onto a small ultrasonic cleaner, wash the plate along with the model.

Download link:

There are still many other amazing designs that we did not list here. And we feel very happy and thankful to see all those creative Martians are sharing wisdom to make the 3D printing community better. At the same time, we also eagerly welcome consumers to feedback on our product deficiencies or new needs that have not been realized, so as to continuously improve and provide you with better products.

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