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Halloween 3D Printing Guide 2020

Halloween 3D Printing Guide 2020

A week ago we started our Halloween Giveaway Contest  on Facebook and we are so happy to see everyone showing off your amazing work. Must admit that you guys are always on the ball!

Just like you all, our team sourced out somepretty dang cool prints for Halloween featuring our ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro Mono LCD 3D Printer and ELEGOO Saturn 4K Mono LCD 3D Printer  this year too. If you still haven't decided what to print for Halloween, check out the video below and enjoy our beloved halloween collection!

A big thanks goes to all the articians who runs for such great model designs, you can find the models featured in this video below:

PS: The winners list of the Halloween GIVEAWAY event will be announced on our Facebook home page next Monday, stay tuned! Until then, you can still enter for the chance to win free printers and resin! Click here.

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