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Let's go to Learn about ELEGOO Plant-based Photopolymer Resin

Let's go to Learn about ELEGOO Plant-based Photopolymer Resin

ELEGOO has always wanted to do its part for the green and safe light-curing environment. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our R&D engineers, this plant-based resin is available now!
The ELEGOO Plant-based Resin with low odor is developed with soybean that makes the whole resin printing work non-irritating and refreshing. Besides, this resin comes with excellent low shrinkage and high fluidity, facilitating high precision 3D printing results.
1. Low Odor and Non Irritating
The Plant-based Resin uses soybean oil as raw material, which is BPA-free and complies with EN 71-3:2013. It is non-irritating and the smell is much softer compared to other resins, giving you a fresh 3D printing experience, enjoying a safe, healthy, green 3D printing environment.
2. High Precision and Low Shrinkage
The ELEGOO Plant-based resin will be ideal for highlighting the texture of your 3D printed model. It has a shrinkage rate as low as 3.72%, which will ensure the high accuracy model: help you print a replica of the original model, making sure the print pieces fit well in the right place.
3. Excellent Fluidity and Fast Curing
The ELEGOO Plant-based resin was designed to significantly reduce printing time with its excellent fluidity. Meanwhile its great stability and proper hardness guarantee a worry-free printing experience and successful printing.
MSDS Report of the Plant-based Resin (Updated on 4/14/2023)
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