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ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with Fabian Steppat to optimize WinDIY Project

ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with Fabian Steppat to optimize WinDIY Project

Fabian Steppat, he is a blogger from Germany, owns his own blog website:, he will share many DIY projects on his website. If you are interested in his projects, click the link to learn more.


Last year Fabian Steppat presented a wind turbine called “WinDIY”, which can be largely made from 3D printable parts. (You can find information on this here: WinDIY – The wind turbine from the 3D printer)

The construction of the first WinDIY version worked in principle, but there was a need for optimization in some areas.

He now want to implement these optimizations with a completely new design. For this, not only the design of the wings is being revised. The 3D printed generator will also be completely redesigned. In addition, he plan to simplify part of the somewhat complex mechanics. Ultimately, the structure should be lighter, the turbine should run more efficiently and also be a little more compact.

To simplify the mechanics of “WinDIY_2”, he use worm gears at various points. Unfortunately, the worms of these worm gears are very difficult to print on FDM 3D printers due to the overhangs.

To solve this problem he has recently been able to use a Mars 2 Pro SLA printer sponsored by our ELEGOO. With this, 3D components can be printed with a very high resolution and also with overhangs. You can see a first result in the video and pictures below.

View of the test worm gear:



For more the WinDLY_2 project details, please click HERE to view the original article written by Fabian Steppat. 

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