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ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with Mars Kapadia to Create Mind Control Car

ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with Mars Kapadia to Create Mind Control Car

Mars Kapadia is a 17-year-old student from the United States who loves information technology. TOLED Based Smart Glasses project he did last year was liked by many people on YouTube, and this new project Mind Control Car took 6 months of effort and he finally completed it successfully. Awesome!

In his project used the Arduino kit , the radio frequency module, and the headset that inclued the network infrastructure, combined with the 3D high-precision overall printing technology solution to complete. And this project uses EEG which maps the brain's signals to the movement of a remote-controlled car.

The main principle of the project process is to wirelessly send brain wave data from the headset to the car through the radio frequency module, and build the L2930D of the motor shield through the Arduino UNO R3 Board, so that the car’s motor will turn and be oriented on the back to transfer the brain wave Map to any type of desired speed, direction and distance. In short, the way of thinking represents the way a car drives, which can be changed at any time.

One highlight of this project is very attractive, that is, the operation of the car will change with the change of the attention value, more attentive, forward to the right; less attentive, back to the left.

Mars's the Mind Control Car was also featured in the local media GILBERT SUN NEWS, which is amazing!

Be sure to check it out in the video below, where Kapadia talks through the features of different versions, along with the hardware that he used.

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