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ELEGOO Jupiter: Open Source, Humane Design

ELEGOO Jupiter: Open Source, Humane Design

In preparation for the Jupiter machine, we were always listening to the feedback from the community members, trying to explore ways to optimize and improve in every aspect, including the practical, user-friendly structure. Now, we have turned those suggestions for improvement into reality by applying them to our Jupiter machine.
The 5.0" capacitive screen makes Jupiter easy to view and touch. It includes various language options and the user interface is designed for capacitive screens and straightforward operation. There will be no delays or freezes when tapping the screen, bringing you a simple operation experience.
The built-in led lighting💡allows for real-time monitoring of the printing procedure without opening the door. It's an LED strip and its diffused light source ensures even, soft light and eliminates dark areas, you don't have to worry about its light source inadvertently hardening the resin. This light can be controlled via the machine's touch screen.
Jupiter can be equipped with a mini air purifier, which comes with a USB interface that can be simply plugged into the machine for use. It is truly plug-and-play. The activated carbon inside the purifier will absorb the filter's irritant resin odor before it is ventilated through the cooling fan. This in turn gives you a fresh and safer user experience. 
The printer has been added handles on both sides of the shell to make it easier and safer to move. We also included a handle on the resin tank to make removing the resin tank a breeze. On top of that, the build plate has a quick-turn lock to secure the plate instead of the screws used in other ELEGOO resin 3D printers, making it easier to install or remove. Our engineers have worked diligently to give you a printer that is reliable, easy to use, and produces amazing prints.
On top of that, we are very thrilled to say that the Jupiter structure and its modular design will be open-sourced. This means Jupiter can help you conduct various modification and bring you much fun beyond regular printing. Once the final version of the machine is determined, we'll start working on the open source certification process for the resource kit. Will keep you informed if there is any new news in this regard. Please stay tuned to our Facebook homepage and subsrible to Jupiter!
Jupiter Kickstarter Link: Launching on Sep,11th at 2:00 PM (UTC)
Learn More: Click here

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