ELEGOO Sponsored 3D Printing Machines to Makespace Madrid to help Members Realize the Printing of Designs

The Makespace Madrid Association, a non-profit maker space run by volunteers located in Madrid, Spain, with over 1,600 members, was established in 2013. One of the goals is to spread maker culture, promote and disseminate new technologies, and encourage creative people to get together and turn their ideas into tangible projects. Topics studied include artificial intelligence, CNC, Arduino, and 3D printing.

Makespace Madrid has recently moved its events to a new location, is building new workbenches, and needs to refurbish some tools. ELEGOO offers support by sponsoring Mars 3 Pro LCD 3D Printer and Mercury Plus 2.0 washing and curing station, hoping to help members realize the printing of their designs and ideas.

Robot head printed with Mars 3 #glados;Source from Makespace Madrid

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