ELEGOO Sponsored Energy Resources Center STEM Scholars of UIC to help Students to learn 3D Printing

The Energy Resource Center is a non-profit organization affiliated with the University of Illinois Chicago. The organization hosts a STEM Scholars program for minority high school students attending high-poverty, underperforming schools, introducing them to STEM once a week and continuing to encourage them to pursue college degrees or technical careers in STEM fields . (learn more here)

The Energy Resource Center wanted to include the additive manufacturing class as an extracurricular activity because most students had only heard about 3D printers through social media and often didn't have the opportunity to use them or understand how they work.

By donating 3D printer, Neptune 3 Pro, ELEGOO provides learning opportunities for students to use their mathematical and creative skills to learn how 3D printers work and how to design, while learning about the manufacturing careers they can pursue.


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