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Jupiter: Automatic Resin Feeding

Jupiter: Automatic Resin Feeding

Large-sized MSLA 3D printer consumes lots of resin and is difficult to keep refilling while printing. The internal resin bottle on the ELEGOO Jupiter is a device to refill the resin during printing automatically. With auto resin feeding, you can avoid resin running out, significantly reducing your failure costs.
Our R&D team conceived and tested several plans to achieve auto feeding and referred a ton of resin-feeding solutions in the 3D printing industry companies. Among them was the screw-locked resin bottle. Given that this device requires a strong backing plate for support, resulting in excessive internal space occupation, and it's not easy to operate, so we discarded this solution.
There is also a suspension-feeding plan(as in the 1st image), i.e., the feeding device is mounted on the machine's rear housing, and the resin is refilled using a tube. Unluckily, it is not easy to clean the feeding device, and the tube feeding is easy to cause the resin to be mixed with color, directly affecting the final printing results.
Considering the portability of the operation and the machine's aesthetics, our R&D team figured out a new solution: Designed a replaceable feeding cap, which can be screwed onto the resin bottle and then inverted to the feeding inlet on the resin tank for automatic feeding. With the principle of equal pressure inside and outside, the resin will be automatically refilled when the amount of resin in the tank is insufficient to prevent sudden stopping of printing.

Moreover, EACH Jupiter machine to be shipped will come with five bottle caps, from which you won't worry about resin color mixing. This auto-feeding cap is compatible with most resin manufactures on the market. Meanwhile, we will release the cap's design drawing, and you can also redesign it according to your usage habits.
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