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Jupiter: Easy Modular Assembly

Jupiter: Easy Modular Assembly

Jupiter machine contains two parts, the part below the middle plate(lower part) as a whole consists of the light source kit and some other vital parts. Above the middle plate (upper part) is designed with separated modules; it includes four columns, housing, resin tank, Z-Axis kit, etc.
The upper part is separated because we take into account the machine parts replacement. This separation will give significant convenience for the parts replacement, and you won't have to take much effort or time to disassemble and install: like the mono LCD module, you can easily replace it by removing/loosening the screws.
Besides, we also think about the scalability of the printer. This separation will facilitate the upgrade of machine parts and appearance, delivering more possibilities for the creation of the machine(For example, you can increase the height of the z-axis to 500mm by replacing the expansion kit). We also want to offer you a chance to assemble a resin printer by yourself, meeting your expectations of hands-on assembly.
Definitely, we also paid full consideration to the safety of the Jupiter machine. The upper and lower parts will be packed in two separate packages then shipped out. In this way, the package will go from the original 40kg package to two "small packages" of 20kg each. This secure packaging greatly ensures the integrity of the machine. Even if bumps shake the package during long-distance transportation, it will minimize the damage to the machine's internal parts. We will do our best to provide you with the ELEGOO Jupiter safe and sound.
[ELEGOO Jupiter was known to the public in late 2019. Here we'd like to sincerely thank all guys who give us many creative inspirations and thoughts during the preparation(2019.11-2021. We are very touched that you all always support ELEGOO, accompanying us to grow and change. We will always keep working hard to bring you more quality products. ]
Jupiter Kickstarter Link: Launching on Sep,11th at 2:00 PM (UTC)
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