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Newest Statement of the Chitubox Board/firmware on Mars 3

Newest Statement of the Chitubox Board/firmware on Mars 3

Hello everyone.
Following a few days of negotiations, we have made step-wise progress in communication with Chitubox regarding the .ctb format locking.
Chitubox will release an SDK(Format conversion kit, a software development kit that can be integrated into existing software, allowing the software to output the .ctb format.) file very shortly. In view of this, we have had a joint preliminary communication with Lychee and Chitubox: Lychee will conduct internal tests on the SDK file provided by Chitubox and will eventually determine the subsequent cooperation scheme depending on the test results. We also hope and welcome more community members, developers, and software manufacturers to join the testing process.
Hello guys, ELEGOO Mars 3 3D Printer supports the Lychee Slicer 3.6 now! More details please: Click Here (1/10/2022)
Beyond that, customers who have purchased Mars 3 don't need to worry about the expiration of Chitubox Pro's one-year license, since you can continue to apply the Chitubox basic version after the expiration. Chitubox will continuously develop the Chitubox basic version to explore new features and do maintenance.
We are sorry for the inconvenience that has occurred recently and strongly think that we should do something at this moment: We have decided to open source the structure of Mars 3. Our team has already started the open-source certification process. We will push forward to complete the certification and keep you up to date with any updates on our homepage.
We are very grateful to the 3D printing community, all of you, for always steadfastly believing in and supporting ELEGOO and lovingly helping each other promote the success of 3D printing work. Thank you to every one of you for making us do what we do today. 
ELEGOO Official Team
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