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Satori Lauches Industrial-grade, 6K Precision 3D Printer VL2800 via Kickstarter

Satori Lauches Industrial-grade, 6K Precision 3D Printer VL2800 via Kickstarter


LONDON, UK, 25th May 2021 - London-based startup and innovation house Satori is excited to launch its brand new, big volume, high precision, industrial-grade 3D printer via a Kickstarter campaign launching on 25th May at 1 PM BST! The affordable, industrial-grade machine will be equipped with a 6K mono screen, the most advanced in the market, allowing you to print models up to 27.8cm x 15.6 cm x 30 cm. Satori’s VL2800 machine will thrive in its large-scale print volume with high precision, being able to print a full-scale bike helmet in one piece, or batch produce large quantities of small items with efficiency.

The new Satori VL2800 3D printer is not the first machine Satori launched. In October 2020, Satori launched its first industrial 3D printer, ST1600, focused on dentistry. This time, the female-led startup, founded by Oxford University graduate Chengxi Wang, has decided to go down the Kickstarter route to award their community with exclusive prices. The Kickstarter offers first-come, first-serve exclusive prices for super early-bird customers. The fastest campaign supporters will have the chance to purchase the machine for £2150, saving £925 or 30% off the MSRP of £3075. The Satori VL2800 Kickstarter campaign is supported by Elegoo's reliable manufacturing capacity, which has successfully manufactured and shipped over 100,000 units of 3D printers worldwide in 2020. To ensure a streamlined approach, Satori has engineers on-site to supervise quality control.

User-centred design is at the heart of the new VL2800, as the company takes feedback into account when designing the machine, ensuring high functionality and accuracy. Satori has collaborated with talented international designers across industries including animation, jewellery, engineering and architecture. The Satori team printed out large scale, interconnected chain necklace pieces in whole using the VL2800 for the collection created in collaboration with jewellery designer and SWAROVSKI scholar, Siobhan Wallace of  Shhh von Studio. Satori has also collaborated with Mahdi Naim Design Lab. on a 3D-printed prosthetic leg, printed by the VL2800, suited to be used in the medical field, for a social initiative in Africa, along with Oxford University Robotics and Additive Manufacturing Society (OxRam). and developed new tech products to solve their problems. Our combination of big volume and precision in this new 3D printer aims to enable more creative and quality projects at a bigger scale. These partnerships have helped Satori develop and improve the machine based on real user experience.

 “As a female founder of a tech company, I understand how challenging it can be to work in the 3D printing industry because the technology itself can sometimes be quite intimidating. However, we want to make the 3D printing technology as approachable as possible, to empower global creatives and innovators with an affordable but powerful tool.”Chengxi Wang, CEO of Satori.

 “During our collaboration, I noticed that the Satori printer was precise and fast, the high-quality resin reveals the shape thanks to its relation to the light, while giving a soft touch and durability. The machine is perfect for more complex designs allowing you to print bigger, intricate pieces such as a prosthetic leg." Madhdi Naim, Mahdi Naim Design Lab


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Headquartered in London, UK, Satori (meaning “enlightenment” in Japanese Zen) develops professional 3D printers for dentists, engineers, jewellery designers, manufacturers, and innovators around the world. The company’s vision is to help clients improve work efficiency, save long-term manufacturing cost, and empower creativity through their affordable professional printers. Besides 3D printers, Satori also provides high-performance print materials for different industry applications. The company offers an exclusive consultation service and customer onboarding period, ensuring clients utilise the printers to their full potential for their business. 

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