ELEGOO Conqueror Robot Tank Kit Compatible with Arduino IDE
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About this item:

  • Based on Arduino development, open resources and free, rich learning resources.
  • DIY assembly and construction will help to cultivate children's concentration and hands-on ability.
  • Graphical programming provide a special building block functions, and with a variety of functions of the car, stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.
  • Experience the FPV first-person perspective control experience with a two-degree-of-freedom gimbal and control the angle of the camera as you like.

ELEGOO Conqueror Robot Tank with UNO R3

Line Tracking Module, IR Remote Control Module Camera Etc.

Intelligent And Educational Toy Car Robotic Kit Compatible With Arduino Learner

ELEGOO Conqueror Robot Tank is a smart and intelligent robot toy 

with a high-definition camera and designed for teenagers over 13 years old.

The functions are as follow:

1. Obstacle-Avoidance mode

2.Line-tracking mode

3.Auto-follow Mode

4.FPV Mode

5.Infrared Remote Control Mode

Controller: Arduino UNO R3

Programming Software: Arduino IDE,EleRobot

Input: Infrared Photoelectric Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Buttons

Output: Motor, Servo Gimbal, LED

Voltage: 7.2~8.4v (7.4v Lithium Battery Pack)

Battery Life: 2 hours (Line-tracking Mode)

Distance Measuring Method: Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor

Motor Driven: Dual-channel DRV8835 Driver Chip

Tracking Method: Infrared Tracking

Motor: DC Servo Motor 1:48

Communication: Uart/ WIFI

Camera: OV2640


Two degrees of freedom gimbal: Two SG90 Servo

Applicable Age: 12+

Established in 2011, ELEGOO is a thriving technology company dedicated to open-source hardware research & development, production and marketing. Our own Quality Management Team will secure the premium quality of our products and we would like to receive your valuable suggestions for our products and make your idea come true.

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