ELEGOO OwlBot Smart Robot Car Kit Compatible with Arduino IDE
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About this item:

  • Developing based on Arduino, free of charge in open resources, rich in learning resources
  • DIY assembly and construction will help to cultivate children's concentration and hands-on ability
  • Compatible with Lego building blocks to expand unlimited possibilities
  • Graphical programming provides special building-block functions, and with a variety of functions of the car, stimulate children’s creativity and imagination

ELEGOO OwlBot Smart Robot Car Kit Compatible With Arduino IDE

OwlBot is an intelligent and programmable robot toy designed for children over 13 years of age.

The functions are as follow:

1. Obstacle-Avoidance mode

2.Line-tracking mode

3.Expression control mode

4.Line control mode

5.Sound control mode

6.Light control mode

7.Standby mode


Controller: Arduino Nano V4

Programming: Arduino IDE、ELEGOO Owl robot

Input: Infrared photoelectric sensor、ultrasonic sensor

Output: Motor、Buzzer、LED

Voltage: 3.5~4.2V(3.7v lithium battery)

Battery Life:2 Hours(Line-tracking mode)

Ranging Solution: ultrasonic sensor ranging

Motor: DC gear motor 1:48

Communication: USB、Bluetooth

I/O Ports: D3 , D6 , A2 , I2C , 5V

Size: 178.5*127*123mm

Applicable Age: 13+

Established in 2011, ELEGOO is a thriving technology company dedicated to open-source hardware research & development, production and marketing. Our own Quality Management Team will secure the premium quality of our products and we would like to receive your valuable suggestions for our products and make your idea come true.

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