ELEGOO Standard Resin V2.0 Grey 1KG

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Technical Specifications

Printing Setting: (For Mars)
  • Bottom Exposure:60s
  • Normal Exposure:8s

Resin Parameters:
  • Resin Type:  ABS-like resin V2.0
  • Hardness: 84 D; Shrinkage: 7.1 %
  • Viscosity (25°C): 150-200 mPa.s
  • Liquid Density: 1.100 g/cm³
  • Solid Density: 1.195 g/cm³
  • Flexure Strength: 59-70 Mpa
  • Extension Strength: 36-53 Mpa
  • Elongation at Break: 14.2
  • Shelf Life: 2 year

  • Shake well before use
  • Recommended temperature 20°C - 25°C
  • Always wear gloves and mask to avoid direct skin contact
  • Keep away from children, dust and direct sunlight
  • Wash with plenty of water immediately if you get direct skin contact with resin


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Support Files & Resources:

  • 【Higher Hardness and Toughness】Produces sturdy, impact-resistant parts. Ideal for functional prototypes and mechanical assemblies
  • 【Outstanding Performance】Low shrinkage and better printing precision. Vivid colors, excellent details, cures well with no discoloration, smooth surface with great resolution
  • 【Comfortable Experience】Prints fast with excellent finishing quality. Easy to clean and cure. Low odor, REACH and RoHS certificated
  • 【Universal Compatibility】Compatible with most LCD 3D printers not only ELEGOO’s
  • 【What You Receive】 ELEGOO Resin 1kg, well-packaged design, leak-proof bottle and collision-proof foam bags and our friendly customer service

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