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Print Falls from The Support or Part of The Print Is Missing

Print Falls from The Support or Part of The Print Is Missing

When you encountered this "Print Fells from The Support or Part of The Print Is Missing" problem, please properly adjust the supports in ChituBox to avoid the releasing force causing the model to fall off the build plate.

Set appropriate "Z Lift Height"

Set appropriate "Z Lift Height" of the model to provide enough but not too much room for the supports. We recommend keeping it at 5mm in general situations.

Adjust the parameters

According to the size and shape of the specific model, choose the appropriate support size. The options include "Light", "Medium" and "Heavy", in which you can also adjust the specific parameters of the support, select the appropriate support size and the appropriate lift density, etc. The purpose is to increase the support force and improve the print success rate.

For a comprehensive understanding of these parameters, these articles may be helpful:

Fine Tune Auto Support

If you use the Auto Support function, you can check after auto-support is complete to manually adjust the supports at locations where ChiTuBox does not recognize as areas that need to be supported, which should be the lowest overhanging areas of the model.

You can determine the "lowest hanging area" by checking the auxiliary contour lines that appear when you adjust the supports in ChiTuBox. Usually in these areas the contour lines will coincide. These are the areas where you need to add the supports.

In addition, for areas of the model that are thin, fragile, or have steep slopes, you can still add supports to make the structure stronger and reduce the chance of failure, even if those areas theoretically able to be printed without adding support.

If the above solution can't solve your problem, please take some pictures or a short video of the problem then send it to with your order number of the printer for further advice.

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