Lines or Layer Shifting on The Printed Model

If you got lines or layer shifting on your printed models from ELEGOO Mars or Saturn series 3D printers, please follow the solutions below:

1. Adjust Supports

You can try increasing the strength and the density of the supports appropriately. Choose a heavier type of support and manually add more supports to the model.

2. Anti-Aliasing Function

Turn on the anti-aliasing function in the slice setting options to see if it improves. Click as instructed in ChituBox: Settings > Advanced > Anti-Aliasing checkbox

3. Lock The Z-Axis

Check if the Z-axis wobbles during the printing process. If so please try to lock the screws at the bottom of the Z-axis as the picture showed.

If the above solutions still can't solve your problem, please take some pictures or a short video of the problem then send it to with your order number, we will try our best to help.


  • Darrell

    I’ve printed 2 things on my brand new Saturn, and there is a vertical line right down the center of both. It’s as if there are two halves to the screen, and the middle isn’t exposing properly.

  • Austin

    I am having a vertical line on my prints. I have tried all the suggestions above and everything was already set to what was suggested. My lights are all on with no lines as well

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