With the update and iteration of the Saturn series of light-curing 3D printers, there should be quite a few friends who are not familiar with our products will be very curious: they are all in one series, and some of them are not much different in price and shape, how to be faster at a glance their differences help me decide to buy the model that suits me faster?No worries, this article will answer this question.

Comparison of Specifications:

Machine nameSaturn SSaturn 8KSaturn 2 8K
Machine picture
SystemEL3D-3.0.1EL3D-3.0.1 EL3D-3.0.1
LCD Screen pixels4098*2560 pixels7680*4320 pixels7680*4320 pixels
Z Axis Accuracy0.00125mm0.00125mm0.00125mm
Layer Thickness0.01-0.15mm0.01-0.2mm0.01-0.2mm
Build size196*122*210mm218.88*123.12*210mm218.88*123.12*250mm
Printing speed30 – 70 mm/h30 – 70 mm/h30 – 70 mm/h
LED’s54 UV LEDs28 Matrix UV light source48 LED’s with Fresnel lens
Wavelength405 nm405 nm405 nm
Printer size280*240*446mm280*240*462.5mm305.9*273*567.3mm
Weight11 kg11 kg11 kg
Current price$329.99 USD$449.99 USD$549.99 USD
PS: The displayed price may fluctuate and is for reference only; please refer to the actual price on the date of placing the order.

Saturn S is a 4K machine, which is an upgrade of Saturn. We have compared the differences between these two 4K machines before, please check this blog:ELEGOO Saturn S VS The Original Saturn.

Both Saturn 8K and Saturn 2 are 8K machines. As you can see with the LED system used, the Saturn 8K uses a matrix light source with 28 single LED’s. This technology is quite standard amongst the latest monochrome resin 3D-printers. With its new system the Saturn 2 8K, the main differences that we can see are the looks of the machine,Z Axis height and the new type of light source. this printer uses an arrey of 48 LED’s with fresnel lenses.

Based on the above considerations, if you can afford the price and prefer an 8K machine that prints more detailed models, maybe the extra 40mm Z-axis height of Saturn 2 will be your reason to give it priority.

Videos Display

Saturn 2 8K: 

Saturn 8K: 

Saturn S 4K: 

Which one do you prefer?

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Saturn 2 8K
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Saturn 8K
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Saturn S 4K


If you still haven't decided to get the ELEGOO Saturn2 8K or Saturn 8K machine, FauxHammer shows the distinction between them in the video, especially in terms of printing performance. We believe it will help you have your decision between the two.