ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro LCD 3D Printer Support Files

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1. Firmware V4.5.0-1.0-e21_LCDM21_4098X2560_F23.32

Update log: Fix the potential hidden danger of touch failure during the use of the touch screen.

2. Caution:Please make sure whether this firmware matches your printer, wrong update across different printers may turn it unusable. If you run into any problems with the firmware please contact our support team at 3dp@elegoo.com, we will try our best to help.

3. How to update:①Usually, you only need to update the files in the firmware file and copy the files to the root directory of the disk
②Insert the U disk into the printer
③Restart the machine, the update file .LCD will be updated automatically, after the successful update there will be a beeping sound and restart the machine
④Print the remaining files to be updated on the printer in the following order: .CBD > .txt ⑤When the touch screen displays an error, please print the .bin and .logo file.

PS:After printing all the firmware files, you need to restart the machine to make the new firmware take effect.

Caution:The .LCD file will be automatically updated after restarting the machine in the shutdown state. Please do not update repeatedly to avoid being prompted "Same Firmware already exists!"

Manual BookClick to Download: English VersionClick to Download: Japanese Version

USD Drive Files: English Version: Click to downloadJapanese Version: Click to download

Resin Settings: ELEGOO Printers Resin Setting Sheet

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