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Spring Sale 2023: March 13th to March 19th

Spring Sale 2023: March 13th to March 19th


Spring sale is coming!🌿 Don't miss your chance to get up to 40% OFF!!!

Starting from Mar, 13th to 19th(PST), some popular 3d printers will be on sale including the ELEGOO Jupiter large-sized 3d printer(only $849.99)🔥 and more.

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Degree of Decrease: 

(Take the US price as an example of some items)

Item name Original Price Before Spring Sale  Spring Sale Now Discount
Jupiter 6K $1299.99 $990 $849.99 35% OFF
Saturn 2 8K $600 $514.99 $489.99 18.3% OFF
Saturn S $500 $342 $299.99 40% OFF
Mars 3 Pro $350 $285 $265.99 24% OFF
Mercury Plus V2.0 $130 $115 $94.99 27% OFF


If you have your heart set on an ELEGOO machine but have been holding off, here's a good chance to own it!


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