ELEGOO Jupiter: Frequently Asked Questions

Time, Price, Shipping Scope

1. Online time and duration:
9/11/2021-10/11/2021,A month 

ELEGOO Jupiter: 12.8" 6K Mono MSLA 3D Printer

2. The price of all packages Price list:

🔥Early bird (original price $1300): 600 USD, includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*1 (500 packages limited--Sold Out)
🔥Kickstarter Special ①(original price $1300): 740 USD, includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*1 (2000 packages limited--Sold Out)
🔥Kickstarter Special ①(original price $1300): 740 USD, includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*1 (500 packages limited--Newly added)
🔥Kickstarter Special Package(original price $1400): 798 USD, package includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*1, Resin Tank*1 (4000 packages limited)
🔥Kickstarter Special Package+ (original price $1500, optional machine color: black): 850 USD, package includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*1, Resin Tank*1, FEP 2.0*5, Air Purifier*5 (2500 packages limited)
🔥Kickstarter Special ②(original price $2600): 1400 USD, includes:
ELEGOO Jupiter*2 (500 packages limited)

Caution: Each machine is equipped with a resin tank, two FEP 2.0 films, an air purifier, and five auto-feeding caps. If you want to prepare more replacements in advance, you can consider the Kickstarter Special package+, which will include an extra resin tank, 5 air purifiers, and 5 pcs FEP 2.0 films.

3. What's the Jupiter Shipping Scope?
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States

Order Process and Payment Method

4. How to order a Jupiter on Kickstarter (steps)?
Create a Kickstarter account (if already have an account please ignore directly log in)
Start to support (purchase) :
①Enter the Jupiter page:
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elegooofficial/elegoo-jupiter-128-6k-mono-msla-3d-printer (the current crowdfunding status of the product will be displayed on the right)
② Scroll down the page to introduce the product in detail. On the right side of the page, there is the corresponding crowdfunding package, which contains the corresponding support amount, product, delivery date, delivery scope, etc.
③Select the package, a small box will appear, first select the country you want to ship to at the bottom
④Then the top directly shows the price of package + shipping, then click the green button to enter the next step
⑤Fill in the credit card information and address
(Credit card information includes name, card number, credit card expiration date, 3-digit security verification code, address only needs to fill in the country and zip code.
(The detailed address is required after the crowdfunding is successful, Kickstarter will send an email, and then fill in the receiving address)
⑥After filling in, click the green button at the bottom to confirm the payment.
Entering the next page, a big Woo-hoo appears! Congratulations, it's successful~ You are just waiting for the success of the crowdfunding project, Kickstarter will send you an email, telling you to fill in the recipient address!
A reminder that pledges are only charged at the end of a successful project campaign.

5. What forms of payment can I use to make a pledge on Kickstarter?
You can use a debit or credit card associated with Visa, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay, or American Express. Discover, UnionPay, and JCB cards are currently only accepted for US-based projects.
We do not currently accept Maestro or Visa Electron cards. If using a pre-paid credit card, please make sure that the card has a value of at least $1 more than your pledge amount.

6. Can I pledge with PayPal?
Kickstarter does not currently support PayPal as a payment or account set up method. In order to pledge towards a project on Kickstarter, backers must enter a valid credit or debit card onto the Kickstarter site.

7. When is my card charged?
If the project you’re backing is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project ends but it hasn’t reached its funding goal, your card will never be charged.
More help from Kickstarter: https://help.kickstarter.com/hc/en-us

Shipping Cost and Shipping Time

8. What's the estimated shipping cost? (per Jupiter)

EU: $150-$250 US: $149 UK: $208 CA: $241
AU: $232 JP: $130 RU: $218 MX: $190
CN: $49 HK: $124 TW: $124 BRA: $449


9. How long would you expect until units start to ship out?
Shipping Time: Refers to the time when the product is ready to be shipped out of the warehouse and handed over to the forwarder, not the delivery time.
Q1-2022: Early bird (Jan.), Kickstarter Special ① (March)
Q2-2022: Kickstarter Special Package (April、May), Kickstarter Special Package+& Kickstarter Special ② (June)


1. Each people can only get one pack?
Each account can only support once, but we have a Kickstarter Special ② to buy two at a time (average 700 one, 46% discount).
2. Does the price cover the custom and VAT tax?
Except for Switzerland and Norway, all other supported countries include tax.
3. Can I purchase the parts like resin tank, FEP films separately in the Kickstarter?
Sorry that the replacements are not available to be sold separately on this Kickstarter. If you’d like to buy more replacements, it’s suggested that you consider the Kickstarter special package(+), which will include resin tank or FEP films.
4. How can I get the invoice for the machine?
If you’d like to get the invoice, you can reach us at service@elegoo.com and we will offer you the invoice.
5. When the machine will be available on Amazon?
The time is uncertain, at least it will be considered on Amazon after all the Kickstarter Jupiter are ready and shipped. At least next year, it is recommended to buy quickly on Kickstarter this time.


1. What is the weight of Jupiter?
40kg+, but we are working on optimizing the structure of the machine.
2. Is there a scratch-resistant film on the LCD screen?
Sure, there will be a scratch-resistant film on the LCD screen.
3. What is the housing size of the machine?
The housing size of the Jupiter machine is 498*358*750.
4. When can I buy the expansion kit of the Z-axis?
In the works, we will let you know when any updates on our Facebook homepage.
5. What is the warranty period of the machine?
The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, the screen is guaranteed for three months, FEP does not guarantee.
6. Will the air purifier be included in the Jupiter kit?
Yep. Air purification is standard, and each Jupiter will bring one when it leaves the factory. In addition, we will give 5 pieces in the Kickstarter Special Package+ of our KS project.
7. Is Jupiter still use the Chitubox board? Can I use other slicers to work with this machine?
Yep. If you get the machine you will get a year free license to use the Chitubox Pro. After the license expires, you can continue to use the Chitubox basic. And Chitubox and Lychee Slicer have negotiated the SDK file issue, and we believe you will soon be able to use Lychee Slicer on Jupiter.
8. Will Jupiter also works with encrypted CTB format?
Yes, the machine is powered by the latest Chitubox motherboard, which supports more features. And Chitubox and Lychee Slicer have negotiated the SDK file issue, and we believe you will soon be able to use Lychee Slicer on Jupiter.
9. What’s the price of the LCD replacement? $200
10. What’s the dimension of the build plate? 286*166*12mm.
11. Is there a larger wash and cure to work with the big Jupiter?
We will be working on the larger wash and cure to be compatible with ELEGOO Jupiter and will let you know if any good news.
12. What’s the improvement of the FEP 2.0 compared to the FEP original version?
The FEP 2.0 has a good release effect, this means it makes it easy to let the model separate from the film, which will significantly increase the printing success rate.

Kickstarter Comment FAQ Updating

1. How often does Jupiter's FEP2.0 typically get replaced?
The life span of FEP is about 80,000-100,000 times release, 15-20 days if it is printed 24/7.
2.What is the life span of Jupiter's LCD screen?
About 2500-3000h.
3. When will Jupiter start production?
In October this year.
4. How long does one air purifier with Jupiter last?
3-6 months.
5. Does this USB air purifier have a built-in battery?
No, it works directly through the USB port.
6. How long is the life span of Jupiter's LED light source?
LED is a more stable light source now, with a lifespan of up to 2 years.

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