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ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with ePowered Racing to Design 100% Electric Racing Motorcycle

ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with ePowered Racing to Design 100% Electric Racing Motorcycle

Nowadays, 3D printing technology has been widely used in countless research fields, whether it is medical, fashion or mechanical manufacturing. That includes our ELEGO Mars 2 Pro Mono LCD 3D Printer, which has recently gotten into the "business" of designing and developing racing motorcycle products.

This month our sponsorship program is still in its full swing. We sponsored a university team called EEBE ePowered Racing of “Escola d’Enginyeria de Barcelona Est” (EEBE-UPC), an engineering students based team composed of twenty members from different branches. And our intention of this sponsorship is to help them design and build an electric racing motorcycle to compete at MotoStudent, an international competition in which over 1500 engineering students from all over the world participate to compete regarding 2 categories: Electric and Petrol. Last time in the 5th edition of Motostudent, the ePowered Racing team managed to finish sixth in the world ranking, fourth in Spain, and first in Catalonia, out of a total of 26 different teams.

According to Marc Barcons, a member of the team, the objective of this whole program is to apply their knowledge obtained in lectures to create a real industrial project. That is to build, fabricate and test the prototype of a 100% electric racing motorcycle with a competitive, reliable, and clean energy design. And during the season every team must complete certain milestones given by the organizer of the event.

After several years of accumulation, their prototype has now evolved to the third generation, which will reach a top speed of 225km/h ± 15%. This is achieved with an aluminum twin-spar frame and a self-supporting carbon fiber tail, which reduces the weight of the motorcycle. (You can see their previous work in the images below.) In this new generation, our Mars 2 Pro will be used for checking if a component, which will be manufactured, works properly, for expanding their brand with merchandising, and many purposes more. 

With the new season ending in July this year, we sincerely wish the ePowered Racing team to achieve better results in this season's competition. At the same time, we are also very happy to see that a modest contribution from us is still inspiring and motivating young engineers to keep on creating. Looking forward to their wonderful performance in the race this year!


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