Introducing: ELEGOO Mars 3 Ultra 4K MONO LCD 3D Printer

[ELEGOO Mars 3]

Mars 3 ULTRA 4K Mono LCD 3D printer!

✅ It is tiny, but mighty. Equipped with an ULTRA 6.6-inch 4k Mono screen, it brings fast printing speed and creates highly accurate replica of your models in super 4k resolution.

✅ It also comes with the CHITUBOX Pro(After ordering the Mars 3, Like&PM ELEGOO Official on Facebook to get CHITUBOX Pro license), giving you a hassle-free printing experience.

Mars 3 VS Mars 2 Pro

Machine Name Mars 2 Pro Mars 3
Technology LED Display Photocuring MSLA 3D Stereo lithography
Machine Size 200*200*410mm 227*227*438.5mm
XY Resolution 0.05mm(1620*2560) 0.035mm(4098*2560)
Print Size 129*80*160mm 143*89.6*175mm
Weight 13.67 Ibs (6.2kg) 11.5 Ibs (5.2kg)


Learn more specs of Mars 3, please click Here!



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  • christina

    I just purchased this printer.
    I also just purchased the mercury plus 2 in 1 washing machine for mars.

    I am wondering if the washing machine will work with this new version of the mars printer?

    Thank you in advance for your help,

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