ELEGOO is setting sail once again! Are you ready to catch a glimpse of our latest products? What do you think they could be?


Take a look at our latest products - the ✔Saturn 3 Ultra & Saturn 3 Mono MSLA 3D printers, ✔Neptune 4 Pro & Neptune 4 FDM 3D printers, ✔Mars 4 Ultra & Mars 4 Mono MSLA 3D printers, and the ✔Mars Mate air purifier!

The Saturn 3 series boasts an 🔸 IMPRESSIVE 12K🔸HD resolution across all models, a significant upgrade from traditional 4K resolution that produces lifelike models! The Neptune 4 series comes equipped with the user-friendly 🔸Klipper firmware🔸. 

What makes the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra Mono MSLA 3d printer so attractive?🔥 It's undoubtedly the incredible 12K resolution, which satisfies your demand for perfect detail models! The machine supports Wireless file transfer🌐✅, making it extremely convenient to transfer files without a USB drive!

The ELEGOO Neptune 4 Pro FDM 3d printer's printing speed is 10x faster⚡🤗 than previous machines! The maximum printing speed can reach 500mm/s, with a recommended printing speed of 250mm/s! It also features full-metal dual-axis guide rails and double-row ball U-shaped bearings, which greatly enhance the stability of printing!

The Saturn 3 Ultra boasts the ultimate 12K resolution for ultra-detailed prints. The Neptune 4 Pro has a max print speed of 500mm/s(10x faster)😏👏! And the Mars 4 Ultra is the new representative of the user-friendly model! The Mars Mate further helps you create a fresh printing environment! Check the price info below: 

All of these products will be available for pre-order starting from🔸 June 1 at 2 pm UTC🔸 on our website. We will be posting specs comparisons of the Saturn 3 series on our Facebook page in the next few days, so keep an eye out!!!

[BTW, starting from June 1, we are inviting some YouTube influencers and TikTok creators to participate in a 🎬👉week-long livestream event showcasing our new products. If you're interested in our latest machines, make sure to follow our page for the details! The Livestream schedule will be shared on our Facebook page very soon!]

Disclaimer: This blog was updated on May 26, 2023

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