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ELEGOO PFA Release Liner Film for Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K, 5 Pieces
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 Main Features:

  • Compatible with ELEGOO Saturn 2 8K resin 3D printers and Saturn 8K resin 3D printers.
  • Film dimensions: 273*176mm
  • Film thickness: 0.127mm
  • Made of high quality PFA materials, wear-resistant, chemically resistant, non-stick surface, UV stable, high-temp resistant, and durable for long-term usage, and the release performance is twice better than FEP 1.0. 
  • The life span is 50% longer than the regular version of the release film, and the frequency of releases can be up to 9000 times, smooth surface, no wrinkles, scratches and bubbles, which can meet the multiple requirements of different models.
  • 95% UV light transmittance ensures the right amount of UV to pass through for faster and more accurate curing 3D printed models, perfectly fit, and less release tension for easy to remove models.
  • Thicker packaging with foam inside ensures that the PFA Release Liner Film V2.0 is well protected in all directions from damage and avoids warps.

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