Buildplate Continues to Press down The LCD After Reaching The Bottom (Not identify "HOME")

When you encountered this "Buildplate Continues to Press down The LCD After Reaching The Bottom" problem on your ELEGOO 3D printers, or the printer does not recognize the "home" position, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Please check if there is a problem with the limit switch on the printer. In normal conditions, the indicator light will lights up like the picture below and there will be a buzzing sound when the build plate touches the LCD. If the limit switch can function properly, please go to step 2; If not, please reach out to our support team via for some further advice.

Step 2

Please print the "ChiTu Mainboard Specification" gcode file that comes with the original USB flash drive of the printer and then reset Z=0.

You can also download the corresponding original USB drive files from this link:

Instruction on how to set Z=0:

If the problem still can't be fixed after this method please go to step 3.

Step 3

Please remove both the build plate and the resin tank then press the "home" button on the printer to check if Z-axis will stop or not when it reaches the bottom.

1) If the Z-axis can stop normally, it means that the limit switch can be triggered without any problem, but the limit switch stopper is too short to trigger the limit switch when the build plate is installed on the printer. You can put a 1-2mm spacer between the screws and the limit switch stopper as shown in the below pictures to fix this problem. (the limit switch stopper is at the bottom of the z-axis connecting shaft)

2) If the Z-axis does not stop even if you remove the build plate, it means the limit switch is damaged. Please take some pictures or a short video of the problem then send it to with your order number, we will try our best to help.

Here is an instruction on how to replace the limit switch:


  • Reuben Bailey

    I had the same issue. Just had to recalibrate so the paper pulls out without any resistance, printed perfectly afterwards

  • Dave Dogge

    I got this problem with the added bulk that a 2.6mm Wham-Bam magnetic flexi plate added, the build plate would just press against the LED screen and go brrrrrr and stall. The solution was to install 3 metal washers (each 1mm thick) for each of the two screws holding up the limit stopper ( which is horizontal and has a piece that points downwards as it gets close to the limit light below). On the Elegoo Mars make sure you install the 3 washers between the horizontal stopper held up by the two screws around the printer head area and the two white plastic round extenders that go around the screws. I think the washer sizes was m3 (not 100% sure though).

  • KAT

    I think we need more info here – how wide are the screws so we get the right washer/spacer?


    Hello, I have the same problem Richard Morgan. I put correct settings and verified that all works properly. The print blocked in 1% and sounds a little creepy, grrrrrr I think too. Minutes and minutes working and still nothing. Only blocked in 1% sounds like that. Could you have a solution for this issue?

  • Mark Purifoy

    Can you recommend any 1mm or 2mm spacers to use for the instructions in Step 3 of this article?

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