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Neptune 3 series Comparison: Pro vs Plus vs Max

Neptune 3 series Comparison: Pro vs Plus vs Max

In 2022, the Neptune 3 series of FDM printers has added three new partners, Neptune 3 Pro, Neptune 3 Plus, and Neptune 3 Max, they are very similar in name and shape, to help friends who are interested in them comprehensively To distinguish and understand, we have sorted out the following information, hoping to help.

Apparently, all three 3D printers have the same features, and only the print volume differs. Of course, there is also a significant price difference. The Neptune 3 Max doubles the build volume size of the Neptune 3 Pro, making it the manufacturer’s most giant filament printer.

All three Neptune 3 (Pro, Plus, and Max) models feature auto bed leveling. While N3 Pro has 36-point, the N3 Plus 49-point, and the N3 Max 63-point mesh leveling. They have PEI magnetic sheet for easy model removal. Bed temperature can be set up to 100°C.

Intended to be used with all kinds of filaments, including TPU, the Elegoo Neptune 3 family is equipped with a Dual-Gear Direct Drive extruder. The nozzle temperature can be set up to 260°C, making it suitable for ABS filaments. The double lead screws and motor z-axis ensure stable z-movement (height) of the print head.

The Neptune 3 Max and Plus have a different power supply than the Pro edition. The wide AC voltage input range is designed to protect the 3D printer by accepting different voltage inputs to meet the application requirements (110v and 220v).

Comparison of Specifications:

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